Grip and protection bars for Pilates training concept

Pilates with a difference! Our client from England has taken everything that is good about traditional Pilates equipment and modernized it with additional features for the 21st century. This applies to the training concept as well as the high-quality equipment itself.

And that’s how we came into play. Our client trusted in our proven quality, especially since the product was newly introduced to the market. Everything had to be just right, right down to the grip and protective strips on the equipment.

Surface technology for the handle and protective strips

There were special requirements for the feel and surface. Thanks to the surface technology used, which has a matte black look, our grip and protective strips blend in with the chic overall appearance of the device concept and are pleasant to grip.

To ensure that this remains so in day-to-day use, we have given the paint a deep protection in the wood. We supply the strips stained and lacquered. If we had treated the handle and protective strips only with color varnish, the light beech wood would have become visible already at the first damage. Machining accuracy as well as the beautifully sanded radii and transitions round off the noble appearance.

We have manufactured the strips from beech wood. A native type of wood.