Good reasons to work with us

You will see: There are many reasons to work with us. Here we present you with a small foretaste. We are looking forward to proving ourselves when working with you!

Ernst Leber

Wood mechanic

...because we've got the fastest spindle miller in the Black Forest working for us.

Heidi Strittmatter

Financial Accounting

...because you can rely on us.

Sergio Pina

Work preparation

...because our manufacturing follows a plan and it is constantly being optimized.

Markus Schroeder

Skilled worker

...because only goods that have been inspected and approved of leave our premises.

Juergen Rombach

Operations Manager

...because we remain faithful to each other.

Tanja Gehr


...because with us, even the most bureaucratic part is in skillful hands.

Fritz Baur

Senior Chief Executive

...because tinkering is in our genes.

Sarah Stoll

Work preparation

...because at Fritz Baur you can move up the career ladder and hold your ground.

Leokadia Lang

Skilled worker

...because with at Fritz Baur girls can put boys in their pockets too.

Georg Baur


...because we are a solid family business, committed to our people and our clients.

Rodrigo CNC Fritz Baur

Rodrigo Pina

Skilled worker

...because he operates our 5-axis CNC machine like an old fox.

Andre Kehr

Skilled worker

...because at Fritz Baur we've got the living proof of the German saying "in serenity, there is strength" controlling the machines.

Skilled worker

Hamidreza Eshghabadi

Skilled worker

...because we do the work conscientiously and reliably.

When dealing with wood we are very thorough - you too?

Training 2023
Wood mechanic

Wood mechanics, carpenters, foremen, office workers, trainees… we all have one thing in common: we are very fond of wood and love manufacturing wooden parts by order of our clients. While doing so, we are very thorough. We are very aware of the fact that our product only serves as one part of the big picture and it has to fit!

Career at Fritz Baur

Wood, manufacturing and coating expertise

Material expertise

If you are looking to find the adequate material for your project, we can be of assistance. Whether solid or engineered wood, we know what fits best and where it can be obtained.

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Manufacturing expertise

Project-based or in series – when manufacturing your product or your idea, we serve as pragmatic problem solvers and product optimizers. Our versatile machinery serves as technological backup.

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Coating expertise

Unique and unbeatable: Our strong surface spraying machine  combined with our coating experts who varnish, wax or oil your product with craftsmanship. Fast, good and economical!

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