We carry out your manufacturing order

Black Forest virtues make us pragmatic problem solvers and product optimizers. Our variable and modern machinery provides capacities and the technical back-up.

Pragmatic problem solvers

More than 100 years ago our grandfathers “carved” wooden objects with the simplest tools. Pragmatism and inventiveness made it possible. Today we approach our work with exactly the same attitude, coupled with a wealth of experience and versatile know-how. There is no such thing as impossible. We find the solution!

Production-oriented product optimizers

Is it necessary or can it go? Our aim is to work with you to reduce the complexity of the wood part and to optimise the use of materials – always with an eye on the result. Simplified manufacturing processes allow for faster, less error-prone manufacturing. You as a customer benefit from economical production.

5-axis machining centres, CNC, planing and grooving machines

We always keep our variable machinery up to date with the latest technology. We are optimally equipped for woodworking, even if larger workpieces are processed. A processing length of 5 m, soaping over a width of up to 1.30 m and planing a cross-section of 240 x 120 mm do not make us sweat!